I play mostly in standard tuning, do you think .9 d'addario will work, i do tons of bending and legato and stuff, solo like mad so I need very durable strings. Wat do you guys think?

After stringing what do i need to do, should i levae it for a day or what exactly?



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Lighter strings exert less tension and are therefore easier to play.

Heavier strings are tighter, and give a fatter tone.

I use D'addario .10's on my ibanez, because .9's feel like rubber bands to me.
After you string your guitar I suggest playing it, but not too aggresively.

Do some bends every now and again to loosen up the strings, but don't do anything more than a one-bend, and don't do those too often right away.

New strings will take a couple of days of playing to set in right, and by playing these they'll go out of tune quit easily at first, so make sure you have your tuner ready.
I use D'addario 9's on Fender scale guitars and 10's on Gibson scale guitars.

I'd give it a try. D'addario are very good strings, they show Ernie Ball a lesson in stringmaking.

If you have stronger fingers you should go for a heavier string to take advantage of the tone, but if you're no SRV, stay with lighter ones.

EDIT: And make sure to stretch the strings after they're on.
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