Hey everyone.

I'm kinda new around here, but have been playing for a little while. Although im still a guitar nub (2 years plus/minus)

I thought it would be fun to get a thread to get to know the college people on here who play guitar like yourself!

So here's the deal;

i know you people have cameras, take a pic of your ROOM, YOURSELF, and even your GUITAR (you can be in the pic too for two in one haha )

Post where you go to school, your major, your year, age, nything you feel comfortable/wanna tell people about yourself.

Anyhow, hopefully all goes well we will get to know who you are, where you go to school, and your cool room/place.

So I'll start!

Name: Bryan R.
School: UCLA 4th year, Philosophy

I'm a 4th year, 22 years old about to graduate this June-07, been playing guitar for about 2 years every day, give or take a month or two and in love with it! Don't know whats in store after i graduate but i know ill still be playin guitar

Heres some pics of me, room, etc hehe


My room

My Current Guitar, and the guitar that should be here next week! I made some money so i spoiled myself as a college grad present early and ordered another taylor!

And the new 1 to be here! (i cant wait!)

Yay! Allright I'm done now :-p

I get a sneaky feeling this isn't going to be around for long.
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Nice room dude, my room's so small and crap compared to that, and nice computer. Haha.
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I have no camera

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Don't really feel like taking pics.

I go to Queen's University, Kingston. Engineering Physics, 3rd year. I suppose it's been 3 years of guitar now? Unfortunately not nearly enough practice when school gets busy.

Anyways, the main things I wanted to say was those are excellent pictures. I can never take pics that turn out that well.