Epiphone Goth Les Paul Studio

I am considering purchasing this guitar. Another option of mine is the Fender Standard Stratocaster. They differ about 100$ in price. I play all sorts of stuff from Hendrix to Incubus to Alice in Chains. So help me out with my decision, which do you think is a better option and why? Thanks!
The Goth Les Paul Studio is not a very good guitar. The construction quality is below standard. In fact, it's just like a Les Paul Studio (believe it or not), only it looks more emo. Epiphone Les Paul Standard is a lot better.

However, for hendrix and incubus, I'd take a strat.
I wouldn't bother with the Epi. Even though it has a set neck, I don't think it will quite measure up to a strat. They are not that bad, but I think it is worth paying a little extra for a strat, because I think you will be pleased with it for longer. It's no frills, whereas the Epi is more frills than substance...
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Fat Strat all the way mate. Especially for AIC. Make sure to try LOTS of Mexicans and pick the one you like, as they differ.
Actually, my friend just bought a Goth LP studio, and i have to say i hate the looks. but it plays real nice. smooth neck. I enjoy playing it whenever i am at his house. so i'd get the LP.
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