a have a friend whose always been pretty insecure. more so than ever now

self confidence/esteem completely shattered and what not

now you can post replies about how she should be grateful and that Ethiopian kids have a hard time and they don't have self esteem problems

im aware of the unfortunate circumstances of third world countries. please its not necessary for this particular topic.

anyway i want to cheer my friend up. not just temporarily, but if thats all i can manage then so be it.

any ideas guys?

just general suggestions for what you might do to help a friend in need get back on their feet.
Stick it in her.

Good sex makes everyone smile.
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Try Mark Knopfler's "Quality Shoe" and David Gilmour's "Smile". They always make you feel better. And just generally be nice to her, listen to what she has to say, spend time with her n' all that.
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By the sounds of it, she's clinically depressed. There's not much you can do to just "cheers someone up".

iv been trying to get her to go to the doctors for a little while. she refuses

i dunno if she has depression as that is used far too loosely but chances are she has some sort of chemical imbalance/slight mental illness
Be really cheerful and positive around her. I used to be like that and my friends are slowly building my confidence back up