this is regarding a particular technique im trying to master, so appologies if i have the wrong forum.

im sure theres a technical name for this, but its doing a basic pickscrape along the bottom 3 strings whilst hammering with the left hand (unless youre left handed). im having trouble getting it to sound like anything other than just noise, so is there any pointers you can give me to help? ie - thicker pics? different pickups? hammering on different frets? swapping strings? i tried a mates BC the other week and it didnt sound so bad, so mebbe its the guitar, or mebbe i was doing something different that day. (i play an epiphone black beauty, with the 3 pickups).

if you have no idea what i mean then have a look at john syke's whitesnake solo on 'cryin in the rain' on youtube. its a very 80s glammy thing, used by zakk wylde, mick mars, john sykes, chris holmes etc.

any help appreciated, peace x
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It seems like its a kinda percussive thing, the kinda stuff Nuno does when hes hitting the strings and tapping the fretboard -- Just for show.

I assume you've got too much gain and thus it sounds a catastrophy. Play it clean and you'll see its nothing great, just a little percussive showman's effect.
Could you please find the link for the video. How do you do your pull offs? ie. do you merely lift your finger up or do you pull down and off the string?

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madmk - cheers mate, but i dont think thats it. its possibly a similar idea, but i dunno.

BodaciousBob - cheers as well. ive tried doing it without 'twanging' the strings, and with, and i think the latter's been more successful. ill go find some vids of it...

John Sykes - solo at 3.46, technique demonstrated about 12 seconds into it - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PuZ0vIVI19w

thats the only example i can really find at the mo. more comments welcome x