I have a ratteling sound on my bass when i play it. i think its something to do with the strings...not sure tho...any suggestions?

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Try pushing down on the string, right where it passes over the bridge and see whether the rattleing stops, if it does you may just have to fiddle around slightly with the bridge.
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one of my basses was doing it, it sounded like something was loose, and it was, the adjusting bolt in the headstock was loose, it fixed it after slightly tightening it.

Another one of my basses had a vibration from the strings touching the frets, i just played around with the bridge and it fixed it, but remember only a little at a time if you adjust it.
this is to do with the action of the guitar, i would think. you could either get a pro to set it up or learn about it yourself. basicall you need to set the saddles on the bridge so yyou dont have any rattleing. this might higher your action but itl'll sound better and then you have to set the notation. you did is by chacnging the length of the saddles, ie how long the string is. you need to get the 12th fret the same as open using a tuner. hope this helps x
It could be a number of things. Bad fret job, bridge problem, or truss rod problem. I suggest having a porfessional look at it if you're pretty new to the things I mentioned.
It's probably that your action is too low but as people have said it could be many other things that are harder to deal with so yeah take it to you local guitar shop and get it looked at
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