This is a stupid question for someone who has been playing as long as me...but Im gonna tune down a 1/2 step on the acoustic...will i need to make any neck adjustments because of it? ive used the truss rod 1000 times on an electric but acoustic necks seem weaker ...

Main question is will Eb do anything to my neck?

Lol sorry if its a silly question
I tune down to Eb all the time to play Nirvana on a Takamine electro-acoustic, as well as using other alternative tuning. Never had to touch the truss rod, you shouldn't have to either unless it's not set up correctly in the first place. I'd only think of a truss rod adjustment if I'd changed to a lighter or heavier gauge of strings...

Besides half a step is only a tiny baby of an adjustment ;-)
I regularly use Eb and find that screwing with your action and neck relief for such a small adjustment is silly and dangerous.

You'll damage your neck more constantly messing with the truss rod than you will leaving it in a low tension tuning for a while.
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Such a slight adjustment in tuning won't require any adjustments to your truss rod. If your action is set really really really low there might be a slight fret buzz but that's not very likely.
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Its been fine for 2 days...so im not going to expect any problems thanx for the reassurance