Hi! I have a fender strat with a floyd and is a HSS and i want to put 2 more humbukers in it si it will be HHH and put a coil split so i can get the fender tone also. What do you think?



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yea its a goofy idea, like the kids above me thought, but a lot of people prefer humbuckers over single coils. if you get two nice humbuckers i think you could get some nice tones out of your guitar. the only problem is i dont think they make a pickguard to hold three humbuckers

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^Don't let that stop you. just make sure there is a filtertron gretsch-style pickup in the neck with a dimarzio super distortion or something in the bridge.
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It's the worst idea I've ever heard. Put one in the neck but not in the middle, please. It's a strat, not a Gibson Les Paul Black Beauty.
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Arent there humbuckers in similar shape to the single coil pickup. Didn't Malmsteen use those, maybe he was planing to put one of those in the middle, hence the HHH.
yeah im guessing the strat neck pickup cabity will fit a humbucker. so i would maybe put one there. you should keep one single coil for some versatility. h-s-h
You can get Seymour Duncan humbuckers that fit in standard single coil slots, but I don't think you can fit a normal size humbucker in a single coil slot......and if you left a single coil in the middle, it will be just like and Ibanez, which is definitely destroying the Strat tone (yes I'm talking to you echofreak) but if you wanna do it, then nobody's stopping you.

That's a three humbucker Strat. I think it looks nice. Although I miss the traditional Strat tone, so that's why I ordered a set of custom single coils

The configuration is:

Bridge: PRS HFS
Middle: DiMarzio Chopper
Neck: PRS Vintage Bass

Switching: 1 - Bridge, 2 - Bridge single coil + Mid single coil out-of-phase, 3 - Middle, 4 - Neck single coil + Mid single coil out-of-phase, 5 Neck

It's an aftermarket 5 way. The 2nd tone has been deactivated, so it only has a master volume and master tone.

I actually get a pretty good traditional Strat tone from the 2 and 4 positions, the only problem is that the volume drop-off is ridiculous.
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everyone....stfu, kid, just do it and post up pictures of it....this is a build that's actually interesting.
Personally i think fender strats are better off as all SSS but thats because im really into that light jazz/bluesy tones that you get from em.
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Iron Maiden used HHH strats. Are you guys all calling them idiots?

No they don't.

I would go HSH if I were you, the middle humbucker will be to hard to get in and will rarely be worth it