okay, so i know that in a regular LP theirs a volume and tone for each pickup.

but what happens when theirs 3 Humbuckers in it? theirs no extra knobs or anything, so whats the deal?
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it goes bridge, middle and neck, neck i believe.

You should throw out the 3 way switch and just put in 3 volume knobs.
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Steve Howe owns a Les Paul with 4 humbuckers, and he changed the two tone knobs into volume knobs, so he had one for every humbucker.

I know that the 3 pickup epiphone sg is wired differently than a Gibson but It has 3 volume knobs anc 1 tone knob and when you select a pickup the middles always on unless you turn the volume down. I don't really think having the extra pickup is usefull it doesn't give you any extra tones really I never use mine I just keep the volume down.
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Nah, i've seen a picture of it in a book, but i've never seen anything about it on the internet...
You could do a bit of sneaking and see if you can find it, i guess.