ok first this is a double post since i was not sure wether to post is acoustic or electric forum lol so I am a old drummer and new guitar player and I'm looking to buy a acoustic-electric I already have a electric now but want to get a acoustic-electric for those times when i can't plug in. I'm really leaning towards getting the Epiphone PR5 because to be honest I love the look of it. heres the but I saw it in person along time ago (at least i think it was the same guitar) and I remember it being a small guitar now I'm a pretty big guy so i don't want it to look like I'm getting ready to eat the thing rather than play it. so what do you guys and girls recommend should i go with this? or something else? what would you recommend? ps With a guitar and case I dont really want to spend any more that 375 tops thanks!
also are there any other guitars out there in my price range with that kind of point that the Epi has?