I have the Steve Vai discography finally and I want to learn some songs, what songs would you recommend that I learn? I would like to try something with alot of bends, as I have never really tried stuff like this and want to give it a shot.

It would be very appreciated if you could specify what song name and if possible what album. Oh, and the easier ones would be good for now :P
massacre from flex-able leftovers is a good one to learn, that and eugenes trick bag were the first two i learnt, but its nowhere near as good as it is without a whammy pedal
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i like his version of beetovens 5th find it on limewire

I believe the version you are refrencing was actually done by yngwie malmsteen, but i could be wrong, and for the love of god is an awesome song wit some wicked bends so have fun!!!!
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Thanks for all your replies, I am trying K'm-Pee-Du-Wee first, as it is pretty easy. I will then try the others that you have, posted, so if you got any others don't hesitate to post Once again, thanks.

Also, any Joe Satriani songs would be cool.
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Also, any Joe Satriani songs would be cool.

try midnight, it's a great tapping excercise, and it's much easier than it sounds
Search damnit.

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