Do multi effects sound goof infront of them.

Im Considering getting a Boss GT-8 or a Line6 Pod XT live. Will they sound good infront of something like a Laney LC30 or VC30? Not decided on what ones im picking but its outta that bunch. Ive got a Zoom G2.1u just now and once I get one of those amps ill sell that to fund one of the better multi-fx.


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Yes and no. They will sound good; but much better if you don't have any (digital) effects in front of them.
Just get the amp (VC30s are amazing by the way) and buy decent single FX to use with it. It'll sound a lot better, you can tweak the sound more and more..
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i recommend analog single effects and bunch them up in a pedalboard.
cuz i used digital effect once, then switched to my analog
i knew the difference.
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just don't use any of the distortion, the modulation and chorus and phaser, delays, etc. will be okay, but single effects are almost always better.
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