how can i make the pentatonic scale sound more kirk hammet?could someone post some licks in it as well please?thanks guys
Don't know if you've seen this video, it might be helpful http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YVDPSZe21KI
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Well, first you can't just go up and down it, it won't sound metal at all. Go up some and down without finishing the scale before deciding to going up and down. Also play it relativley fast and do some hammerons and pulloffs. Go look at the song Jump In The Fire and the solo to that, specificaly the outro solo. All pentatonic. I don't know your abilities and whether or not you can play it but, hopefully you can at least understand what I'm saying. I hope that helps.
Think David Gilmour, not Kirk Hammet. He was the true master of the pentatonic scale.
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Yeah but how would learning how to play the pentatonic like DG help him learn to make it sound like Kirk Hammet?
You just gota repeat a pattern as fast as possible with a Wah Wah pedal. Use lots of hammer ons and pull offs and then finish on some nasty thin vibrato.
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Think David Gilmour, not Kirk Hammet. He was the true master of the pentatonic scale.

i disagree. Jimmy Page was the one destined to be the Pentatonic Master.
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Although I agree with all thats been said about David Gilmour (and what should be said about Jimmi Hendrix!!!!), I see it more as a question of feeling.

If your asking that I suppose you listen to a lot of Metallica. So you should be able to reckon Kirk sound miles away. Now go learn some Metallica solos. When you look at various tabs you begin to see patterns. If your able to learn them, I mean, not only to play them but to understand the theory, then you'll have all that is needed to solo like Mr. Hammet.

If you can't keep up with Kirk's speed, then I'd say learn Hendrix Solos first. At least it should give you something to play around and at the same time work on your legato and that technical stuff =)
Wanna make it sound like Kirk? Use a lot of wah!

Seriously, just work on your technique and learn some Metallica solos, especially the ones from the Black Album.
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I'm not to familiar with metallica, but I think that kirk hammet integrated the natural minor scale in when he used minor pentatonic, to give it a darker feel. You can substituted minor for minor pentatonic in alot of the places since they are very similar, so I think he sort of used pentatonic as a base pattern then added a little to it.
Wah+Repeated Pentatonic phrasing=Kirk Hammett.

Learn some Metallica solos, and just start dicking around with his licks.