Hello this is a recording we made with my band (we're a maiden cover band) listen and tell me what you think
I'm one of the two guitarists (the one who takes the first solo after the harmonized riff)

http://did.dmusic.com Still Life - Iron Maiden cover (full band)

(there's other stuff of my own, not with the band, don't mind that)
everything sounded pretty good, all the instruments and vocals volumes are well balanced and you have a good guitar tone. thanks for critting mine
Man that was a great job! the sound quality was pretty good. The solo maybe need more fluedity, but they are still great. Good vocals too. 8,5/10
Continue your great job!
sounds good, good solo. The vocals should be louder. and in the intro there are some minor pitch misstakes on the bends. over all a good cover!
Nice work dude. The timing was great and it sounded like a pretty close to professional recording. I agree that the vocals were too quiet. They sound like they are in the background of the song. The snare drum was maybe a little too loud and bass drum was too quiet as well. Great guitars. Tone is perfect. 9.5/10 from me. Excellent job overall.
Solo was pretty tight.

Mind critting my cover of Nutshell?
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The intro solo was pretty good, though there were a few off parts. The tone on it sounded a bit wierd as well. The vocals are too far away sounding, too quiet. The drums were too loud though.

Overall, a good cover but it needs to be mixed better. Good job!
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