what strings give the best tone in your opinion?
what gauge?
what type?
what sound do they give?
whats the sustain like?

what guitar give the best tone out of the clapton strat or the johnson strat?

what are some tips for improving the tone of a strat guitar and just overall tonal improvement?
he was being sarchastic ^
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ghs boomer 11 gauge. not too hard to play on, awsome tone, long life.
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neither is great. The Fender is bad though, unlike the Behringer which sounds so bad that it makes you want to stab out your own eardrums with a blunt pencil . hope that was helpful.

GHS boomers sound nice, but I always feel like my fingers are playing on Japanese ninja knives... I'm an Ernie Ball person myself. I use Power Slinkies on my Ravelle and Skinny Top Heavy Bottoms on my Synyster Gates signature guitar. The Ernie Ball strings in my opinion sound great and are very easy to play. Best strings!
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i like ernie ball super slinkys (get a higher/lower gage correspoding to if u play in a lower tuning or a higher tuning)