Alright people. I'm thinking about getting a bass, and I don't know what ot get. I really don't want anything to expensive, cause for now, my only money source is cleaning my house, which is not fun. So I wanna know what I should get for a low price. I'm not gonna have any trouble learning it, cause I've played guitar for a while, and I can read bass clef like a pro.
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Yamaha RBX170 or an Ibanez GSR200
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I Bought a peavey as my first bass, a five satring. i'd suggest buying a four string first however, cuz i havent really used the fifth string until a few months ago when i started playing metal. Check out peavey or fender. i personally like peavey's more because they are a little less formulaic in design like fender basses, but maybe thats just me. anywyas,cheers and good luck with it
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We need to get a FAQ up already..
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^I concur. Though I think you would kill more birds with one stone, if we just did a FAQ on how to use the damn search function at UG. sigh.