Shit, I'm a right hander, whiel playing the intro bit to master of puppets, my pointing finger just jammed and was stinging real bad??? Whats happening!
That happens to my pinky sometimes....ow.
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Repetitive strain injury.

I get it in my wrist after band practice sometimes, especially if we played whiplash.
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How old are you im just asking a question, and i have used the search engine but couldnt find anything that had anything to do with this. Ok yh i better do some streches
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Remember to warm up your hands and fingers before big stretches.

best advice you got here. you pulled/strained a muscle. take it easy on it for a couple days and warm ut with some chromatics before attempting it next time. around 15 or 20 minutes should be good enough for a warm up.
happens to my pinky sometimes
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Bad music syndrome.
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