Ok, so my A string broke. I don't know what gauge to get a new one for. It's a First Act and the strings are still the stock strings.

Get a set of .009's.

Ernie Ball super-slinkies should do.

Just go to a store and say that you need a pack of 9's. The Ernie Ball 9's come in a pink package.

You should change the entire set of strings. So loosen all your old strings and cut them using pliers/wire cutters, and then swap 'em out for the new pack.
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ya or you could go really expensive and get some alchemys but ya just buy a set and replace all the strings
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If all the other strings are in good condition just go to the store and ask for an A or 5th string. The gauge will be about .042 assuming were talkin bout a steel string. I honestly cant remember wat it would be for a classical. Its been so long since i re-strung one...lol.