In less than 2 weeks i'm buying an ESP LTD Alexi-600. does anyone here own one/have played one? how is it? i wanna get other peoples opinions on it before i go dropping a grand on it. thanks.
get it!

Alexi talks about a built-in pre-amp in his guitars...do the one your thinking about getting have one? cuz alexi's sounds amazing....
It's a great guitar. You don't mind the painted neck do you? If you want, you could swap the EMG HZ 4 for an 81, to get more gain. The lower wing is longer than an RR, if you don't mind that. The reverse shartooth inlays are Pearl, and look very nice, and the OFR is also nice.

IF you want, you could wait for the Jackson RR24 (almost an exact replica of what Laiho used to play) and check that out. Also 24 frets, OFR, black binding, regular sharkfins, only they are MOTO, but it's a Jackson. If you try both, you can settle your own debate of Jackson VS. ESP forever.

But it is a great guitar, I will be getting myself an RR24 as well as an AL-600.
I find it to be only alrite, like your paying $1500 for a guitar with a EMG hz in it.
And yes go with suicidal_Brick the RR24 was the one he used anyway before he got endorsed by ESP. and it has a 81
Well you're almost right False God, the LTD retails for $1050.

The RR24 is more expensive, but comes with the 81, original shape, and of course Jackson quality!!!
I thought alexi actually used the HZ's with some kind of active preamp in his guitar....?
He does use the EMG HZ, he has an EMG Gain Boost, forget what it was called, like a PA-2 or something. In his Jackson he used a Jackson JB50C and a JE-1000 gain boost.