my ibanez s series is a pretty fast guitar but when it gets in the lower strings like e a d. they dont become quite as sharp. its like a thump more than a power chord and it aggrivate me... why does my guitar do this and is there anyway to change it?
elaborate "thump"

try raising your action for clearer sound and not buzzing.
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i'm assuming you're talking about the tone of it, since it's kinda unclear what you're having a problem with. But, if you're talkin about the sound of it, there are a coupple of reasons that are probably specific to the model of S series you have. The pickups there, specifically the Q pickups that come stock with these higher end models, are more bassy and mid range oriented with little emphasis on the highs. Maybe switching pickups is the option for you.

ANother thing is the level of the pickups. Check to make sure that the end by the thicker strings is not too low. The lower the pickup, the less volume/punch at first, then the highs begin to be affected. Try raising it a bit to see what that does for you.

Your pick may also be affecting the tone. The thicker they are, the less emphasized the attack and high ends will be, especially on the lower strings. Try a medium heavy, as well as a different material. The material of the pick also affects the sound of the guitar, as the density of it plays diffferently on the steel strings.

Good luck and hope this was helpful.
Oh - and strings. Try another brand. I suggest DR - they're wound for bright tone and emphasis on highs.
ok thank you.. pickups are they way to go i gues.. but buzzing is not a problem its just the e string feels so loose in a way where when i hit it it vibrates so violently it really makes it hard to hav a clean power chord. but i will look into a new set of pick ups... i play a lot of guns n roses so any suggestions on pick ups?
I doubt its the pickup, its decent enough, whether its the old QM or INFs. If you meant the low E is too loose/flabby then you'd need to increase the action a tad bit until the note rings clear. What gauge are you using?
"Play with your ears" - Yngwie Malmsteen, Paul Gilbert
Thats what she said...
If the E feels loose and vibrates too much, you need to raise the action of the bridge. Do it in small increments while the guitar is strung and tuned to pitch. As you raise it you'll need to re-tune, which will only take a minute. That should help with the floppy string problem. As far as pickups go, Duncans are always nice. I'd recommend the Evolution, as it has a good mid-range souns which is favorable for classic stuff like GNR/Zeppelin. They also give your tone a lot of definition. You may also want to look into a DiMarzio Tone Zone. On another note, as far as the floppy strings go, your truss rod may also need adjusted. This is something I would have a professional do at a shop, as you can mess up the neck beyond repair if you don't know what you're doin. It shoudn't cost more than 20 ish bucks, it's a simple procedure and isn't very time consuming.
no worries man. i only know what i do because for a long time i was too broke to pay for someone to fix my stuff, so i had to figure it out on my own... haha...

anyway, - glad i could be helpful and good luck man.