I searched and didn't find anything. Whenever I try to record a clean sound on guitar and bass, it slightly distorts, which is weird because it wasn't always like this. Usually when I try to record clean sounds, I plug the guitar into my computer directly and it sounded clean and just fine, but now when I do that, it distorts! And I'm not going to even try this with a cheap computer mic, because I know that's not going to be any better.

Any suggestions to keep the clean sound from distorting or what is causing it?
Turn down the volume on your guitar a couple increments, and open your sound levels (double click the speaker on the taskbar by the clock). Once you're there, you can lower the levels a bit (the one labeled "mic") until the distorting stops. If you're using a tracking program, like ableton or guitar tracks, you can record it with the slight distort and lower the levels afterwards.