I have been running up against a brick wall trying to get any kind of response from Saga Musical Instruments . I bought one of their guitars that came to me with an inferior fret job. I'm trying to get a response from them about getting warranty work done on it and they simply will not answer my emails . The owner of the shop suggested I do the work myself . While I'm perfectly capable of doing the job this IS NOT the response I'm looking for , it's the principal of the matter . I bought this guitar new and I should not have to finish their job (Regal/ Saga ) , this comes under the initial setup/warranty by the manufaturer. I'm also disappointed that the dealer I bought it from didn't even offer to do it , or even contact Regal/Saga to see if they would honor their warranty and allow them to do the warranty work on this instrument for me . If anyone can help me find a way to actually speak with someone from Saga , or knows how to actually get a response from them I'd be very appreciative. I think it's a sad state of affairs when a company cares so little about customer satisfaction or the quality of their product.
yeah man. these guys that did the windows at our hosue, they put a fualty mechanism on an awening window so it woulnt open properly. easy fox fr my dad-but thast not the point. we called them, sent emails, the secretary said shell deliver the message-or the guys werent in that day. we snet a complain to BBB (better business buero) and that winow company didnt even respond to them!

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