I recently bought a cheap guitar and have an alesis multi effects pedal. However i don't know what effects i need to implement to make a solo sound akin to say, metallica, in flames, arch enemy et al.

Also what tuning should i use to these bands. I know they all sound different but giving me any would be of great help
Hahaha slow down there :p. First of all don't even think of solo's for the next year or so :p. (Unless some pop/punk solo). Learn your basics first.

And just use google to find out about their tuning. ^^

EDIT: Metallica uses Standard (EADGBE)
In flames, i think, use drop C tuning, which is CGCFAD, get urself a chromatic tuner and sit down and work it out. FX wise, i think a good distortion, wah, and flange would make for a passable tone.
there is a tuning thread in the guitar & bass basics forum. as for soloing, learn to walk before you run.
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