i am after a semi-acoustic, epiphone dot/studio, or any make.
has anyone got any recomondations?
try the Dot, Sheraton and Casino are great guitars, you cant go wrong on choosing anyone of those 3, I liked the Dot when I played it, has cool sound, the Sheraton is much more muddy, has a jazzy sound... and the Casino I loved it when I played it, but the best way of choosing one is playing them.
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the epi dots get the same exact tone as the LPs, they have the same pickups

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A Dot definately does NOT have the exact same tone as the LP. Although they use the same stock pickups, there is much more to a guitar's sound than just the pickups. That being said I own a Dot and absolutly love it so I would highly recommend it, but I agree you should try different ones out first
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Quote by lisagabe
the epi dots get the same exact tone as the LPs, they have the same pickups


EDIT: Or maybe not
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To thread starter. I love semi hollows and hollow bodies. I have a wierd range for the music I play and a dot what be a great addition to my slowly growing stable. I should be able to afford one by summer.
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Oh yea, I didn't comment on the topic, did I?

Semi's are amazing, I have a Peavey Rockingham (Probably not the best, but it might as well be ) Epi Dots are great, but I personally prefer the Casino.
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****, i really screwed up, sry guys i dont know much about hollowbodies, i prolly shouldent have commented.
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