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I'm not too much into them, but I want to hear some songs to lure me in! What's your favorites?
hang fire, i love keith's tone on the solo, lol ill prolly buy a tele...
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Paint it Black FTW
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What to change the band name? No way!! We have a kick-ass logo of a washing machine eating guitars and everything!!

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Sympathy for the Devil is simply a classic
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Paint It Black, Sympathy For The Devil, Start Me Up, Satisfaction, man almost every of their song is a hit lolll
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Midnight Rambler

I agree with this guy.

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Hey Led Zeppelin is my third favorite guitar player, after Pink Floyd and Jethro Tull.
Jumpin' Jack Flash
Oh No Not You Again (from A Bigger Bang)
Brown Sugar

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Midnight Rambler or Paint It Black


I have a few favorites:
Jigsaw Puzzle
Sympathy For The Devil
Torn And Frayed
Gimmie Shelter
Get Off My Cloud
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Sympathy for the Devil is simply a classic

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There are way too many that I like to decide which one is my absolute favorite.
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listen to, can't you hear me knockin
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right now it's under my thumb, but it changes every now and then =)
paint it black and satisfaction are the obvious ones of course but i absolutely love time is on my side, shivers down my spine during the intro =)
Listen to the CD "Get yer ya ya's out", listen to the whole thing!!
Gimme Shelter.

It's THE greatest rock song of all time ever IMO.
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sweet virgina brings back lots of memorys for me
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Under My Thumb
Sister Morphine
Wild Horses
Ruby Tuesday
Thru and Thru
Gimme Shelter
Beast of Burden
Let it Bleed

I just couldnt choose 1
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Listen to the CD "Get yer ya ya's out", listen to the whole thing!!

don't get me wrong, I love all of the stones studio albums and singles but truly "get your ya-yas out" is the Rolling Stones and it prooves that they were the Greatest rock and roll band. that is untill Mick Jagger screwed it up.

The best song on this album is definetly the guitar version of "sympathy for the Devil"

it starts out with Mick Taylor strumming on the chords, Charlie watts comes in on the drums, Keith Richards starts playing that raw and powerfull overlaying riff. (post if you want the tab), Mick Jagger starts singing about the evils of man-kind. The song Wraps up with first a modest but awsome solo from Keith Richards and then an amazing solo from Mick Taylor.

This Song is the Rolling Stones and it Kicks the studio versions but!!!!!

Mick Taylor is God
Mick Taylor forever
Ronnie Wood sucks!!!!!!!!
under my thumb, start me up, satisfaction, you can't always get what you want
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Gimme Shelter, although I just discovered this song. I loved it at the beginning of the Departed, it just fit so perfectly.
Between You Can't Always Get What You Want, Midnight Rambler, and Shine A Light.
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god way to many, sympathy for the devil is great, as is paint it black, brown sugar, satisfaction, jumpin jack flash, street fightin man.
Gimme Shelter. On a sidenote, I was flipping through my dad's old slang dictionary, and it said "brown sugar" could mean either or hanky panky with a black woman. I can't decide which the Stones would be more likely to write about, so I'm deciding the song's about both.
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Gimme Shelter = brilliant. The intro with the two guitars is awe-inspiring.
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I <3 bangoodcharlotte

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one time i let my cat has cheezburger. i thought it was pretty funny.
Satisfaction, it rocks!
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