I'd like to get 1 for my set up.

Ive got Gibson SG (faded special), then Boss ME-50 into an orange Crush 30R

I know nothing about them at all. But ive got max. of £200. I need the wirless bit from my guitar to my pedal then i can just use a lead to my amp.

All advice is welcome : )
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If you are really cheap you can make one out of walkie talkies lol i've heard samson are good though.

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I'm pretty sure you cna get a shure for that much, but I'm not very good at rough currency conversions...
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i wouldnt spend less than $600 on one honestly. They are usually more trouble then theyre worth unless you play on huge stages.
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AKG wireless guitar bug kit. £100, the other guitarist in my band uses one, and it seems very good
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i raely like this sehnheiser 1, http://www.guitarampkeyboard.com/en/freeport-guitar-set/68141

And the price is ace! (just froogle it, everywhere sells it for like 170!)

But i want a wireless system from my guitar to my pedal. Now this mite be a very noob Q. But wudnt the freeport thing mean id have to have the reciever box (with all the lights) by my pedal...?

Or do u get a separate receiver (which id plug into my fx pedal)?
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i thought that 50$ nady one would suck...but i tried it out...and guess what? its part of my set up now lol..its great execpt that some times it kinda buzzes, but you can fix that by replacing the cable fomr the transmitter to the guitar..
Get this guy:

If you've ever heard of the x-wire, you'd know that it's considered one of the best systems ever produced, but then it was discontinued. Well this is the same circuit, people have A/Bed this and the x-wire and said there's no difference.
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Definately get a wireless that has the capabillity of using multiple channels at once! Stay away from VHF because if you play a bar with a tv, your signal will be tormented. I would recommend the AKG WMS 400 ($449.97). It has 12 channels that can be used at once in each sub band. It has the capabillity to be used when several other wireless systems are being used. It is an all around good system for a moderate price.

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Samson Airline Guitar AG1

The revolutionary AirLine "plug-in" guitar transmitters come in two versions: the AF1 for Strat(R)-style inputs and the AG1 for traditional Gibson(R)-style end-mount inputs and all others. Less than half the size of conventional body packs, these miniaturized transmitters run on a tiny triple-A battery with 14-hour battery life.

Both feature an array of on-board controls: A Power On/Off and Mute switch, red/green LED for Power On/Off, a Peak LED and an Input Level control for different pickups. And UHF (Ultra High Frequency) means clearer frequencies with less interference.Designed for use with your compact effect pedals, the AP1 diversity receiver gives you reception you can always depend on. It features a 1/4" output jack, Power switch, Peak LED and a Volume control. You can use a 9 volt battery or an AC adapter to power the receiver. When you unplug your the unit, the battery is disabled to conserve power.''

That sound any good? Its UHF. Sounds like its only 1 channel though.
thing is i dont want the reciever to be huge and bulky coz its gonna have to go right next to my fx pedal...i dont want leads all over the place! Kinda defeats the point of a wireless system! lol
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Sehnheiser Freeport. only £115 and is great for the price!!

Get a Samson Stage 5 Wireless, or a Samson Airline Guitar wireless. They're both good for the money, especially the Stage 5 (which I have), which is £80 (Cost me £60 in a sale). But the bad thing with them is they're one channel, so if someone else is transmitting that channel, it'll interfear.