I'm looking for a guitar in $400 to $500 dollar range right now. I work in the spring and summer mostly, so my income and purchase power are obviously both limited. I play a lot of jazz, straight foward rock, classic punk, and a bit of funk (i.e. The Clash, Mars Volta, Hendrix). I'm thinking a Fender MIM Telecaster because of the bright tones and I like maple necks a lot. I look at a lot of different guitars online and I don't what other good brans there are. Would a telecaster work for those styles? Are there other guitars that would work but may be of higher quality or work better?

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I will tell you right now that a telecaster is probably one of the most versitile guitars ever made. Metal, Punk, Country, Rock.........i am telling you anything,...and i mean anything that needs a guitar in it can be done with a telecaster although mods might have to be done to achieve certain tones but a MIM tele should get your mojo fired up for sure man
MIM Tele sounds perfect for you. Then use the extra cash you have to buy a new set of pickups.
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