I'd go with the double locking trem( not sure about the $$ though)
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but standard questions what gear do you have now and what kinda music do you play?
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Wow i agree with chevylegend. Even our musical tastes are almost identical

stay away from low-end ibanezes, their trems are more trouble then their worth
oh and by ESP, he means LTD, the lower end of ESP's (same website though)

i have an ltd, they're amazing. Never tried any with trems though.

and remember, for that price, your not gonna get a very good trem, specially not a floyd rose
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pounds, dollars? either way you wont find a guitar with a decent trem for that money, the cheapest guitar with a decent trem would be the ibanez s470?
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No idea on the make, but there is a sweet as ESP thru neck double locking trem guitar, kicks the RGs arse I reckon, and I'm an RG owner so yeah, not biased (still love my RG). But set neck and all the RG features for the prices of an average RG? Go look at ESP!
For me, despite it being £350 (can get it cheaper online), is the Ibanez RG350DX, is a SWEET looking guitar, sounds awesome, plays awesome.