I know the natural minor,harmonic minor,melodic minor,penatonic,blues,and major scales but if your playing over something like.
(palm mute all the open notes)


they just dont sound right.like if you used the e natural minor and you hit lets say a b note when the rythym guitar above hits the a# it would sound horrible.
Well i mean a lot of metal is based on a blues scale so try that out i mean im new and all and i never gone for lessons but i've studied up off books and the net and ive had friends throw me a hand here and there for whenever i couldnt figure something out but yeah i mean go blues scale see where that takes you
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Quote by merfsullivan
Is there even an A# in the E natural minor?

no but most thrash metal has a diminished 5th in it.like the verse for master of pupetts it goes e 8x g5 a5 e a#5 a5 e g5 a5.
5 meaning powerchord (obviously).