ok as i said i have a challenge for all you tabbers out there i am josh gravel of the josh gravel xperience i want to challenge all the tabbers out there to tab a solo of mine on my myspace www.myspace.com/joshgexperience the song is called the machine you can downloaded it and it's currently just the solo you have 2 weeks it's just for fun to see who gets the closes and can earn braging rights over the others i will post the top 3 winners on this site once the contest is over plese e-mail me the tabs or any questions at jojoshman@hotmail.com thank you for particapating
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She looks like an STD vending machine.
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dude get a life

i just wanna see how close people will get to tabbing it no reason to be acting like that


do i get a prize?

nah, I'm joking. I don't do tabbing. but be warned, you're prolly gonna get a lot of flames about your playing.
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do i get a prize?

nah, I'm joking. I don't do tabbing. but be warned, you're prolly gonna get a lot of flames about your playing.

wat do u mean flames?
Is it even in a key?! I mean, it's all over the ****ing place.

I'm usually not the one that flames people, but this is shit, dude! No one's gonna bother tabbing shit out!
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Ok, now I feel guilty for saying that...

All I wanted to say is that it ain't very melodic, IN MY OPINION. You know?

Sorry dude, but we're just used to seeing really, you know, cool shit around here. Maybe you can use your skills, which are decent, to creat something a bit more melodic?
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Well, ok, why not? I mean, whatever.

After all, it IS a challenge... :-/ I suck at tabbing so I'm out.
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i figured if i do somethin really random that wasn't that melodic it would be harder to tab u no
yawn, I got bored listening to that. Really repetitive and needs a backing guitar maybe some drums. Just a little advise
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dear josh,

you should be embarassed you are promoting this music. i listened to all four of your songs with an open mind. it is the most horrendous sounds i have ever heard. "the machine" solo sounded like a detuned bagpipe with a cat suffocating inside. learn some music theory and write a I IV V or a II V I song before trying to make proggressive metal.

w/love brenton

p.s. we get it, "it's random"
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God, you need to find something else to do, or practice for the rest of your life............That is completely horrible.

Wait...you have a cd??

whos music you talking about there???
I checked out your myspace, and just so you know, making a few myspace pages for your "label" and all that, doesn't actually qualify it as a label at all. It's just you, doing some recordings at home. Don't try to sell it as more. Also, in the members section, just say it's all done by you! Don't try to look cool and list EVERY instrument you play on with your full name just to look like you're multi-talented. People are going to judge you based on your music, not the spam you fill your myspace up with. This is just some general advice, and I'm not intending to bring you down or anything.

If the solo was a little more... structured? I'd maybe be up for something like this, but just random notes from no where that repeat pretty often, and aren't too melodic isn't interesting enough for me to bother. Challenges are well and good, but make it a good-sounding challenge.
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Okay, I had scout around your page for the last 20 minutes, and I can honestly say you know nothing about recording, and maybe even less about playing. You tone is horrible. You were out of tune. It sounds like it was recorded on a tape player, then put to the computer, then send around the net 6 times while .Rar, and then played back to tape, then put back on to the computer and uploaded.

I'm sorry, I'm not usually one to give such a mean lashing, but the whole idea of you actually claiming that you have a proper CD and record label is a complete insult to bands like my own who are trying to get signed. You also need an official contract with the EMI before you can be named as a studio.

So what in the hell are you thinking?
Also, I downloaded your CD, and what the hell man?!

Every song is a rip off of another song!

"Hate Me" is quite obviously "Rape Me" by Nirvana. It has the same ****ing vocal melody AND chords!
sorry, dude, that was ****ing retarded. it sounded like you play with your feet. i suggest you practice.
Why do you post it in myspace? U cant watch myspace videos if you have a router (like me)...