Well ive just been wondering what makes metal and jazz so connected?it may sound stupid cuz i coudlnt think of another way to phrase it,but alot of metal guitarists and bands learn jazz and go to school for jazz music and stuff,and then they end up in a metal band.like i just wondered why do they learn jazz and then play thrash metal and say there influenced by jazz when there music sounds nothing like jazz.
im the same way, i love jazz and practice it but i play in a metal band. i think its because they can both be ridiculously complicated and challenging, but very rewarding. I feel the same way when i play metal and jazz, even if they do sound completely different.
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and say there influenced by jazz when there music sounds nothing like jazz.

There do exist some bands that combine jazz and metal elements, usually they tend to be a little more tilted in the metal direction though. Of course I realize that those aren't the bands you are referring to, I just thought I'd point that out.

Anyway, Jazz and Metal seem to me to be the most technically demanding genres of music. Someone who gets the chops for jazz would be well equipped to play metal. Jazz is a lot more ridiculous though since they theory behind it is complex, and most of it is improvised to boot. Still, jazz and metal are both genres that thrive on complexity.
I think jazz and metal are connected because they are kinda the extremes of their genre of music. Jazz i guess evolved from instrumental music such as the big band era, and kept evolving until it became very complicated and technical. Metal i think basically evolved from your normal rock music, until it itself became very complicaed and technical. The musicians involved in both genres are usually very respected players.

Thats my two cents on how they're connected