anyone read this book? i have to do a visual assignment for it on monday making a theme, and something to look at representing it. i was thinking of making the theme either to do with isolation or family cause everything gregor does is for his family, and then making a collage (cause i can't draw or anything). anyone got any good ideas for a theme or a collage or some sort of visual?
I have a visual for you....gregor is actualy a human who has gone crazy and has a mental breakdown and feels like a verman he does not actualy change into a coachroach like most people belive....also he wakes up with a picture of a fully clothed girl stuck to his body and also has "white spots" on his chest...the part where Gregor is pushed through his bedroom door by his father is figerativly Gregor being rejected by his father and being placed back into his mothers womb....also when his father throws apples at him they are not actulay apples that he see rather it his his blood drops while his father is whipping him....or at the end of the book the cleaning lady called the "charwomen" is actualy the grim reaper and is forshdowing his death and then his body is cleaned up by her and probebly creamated taking all though of his disposal out of the hands of his family and they therefore forget about him alltogether

I hope that helps you
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Eh, I've read Ovid, maybe I can help you with that?
My God, it's full of stars!