This discussion seems to be goin on for ever. Why are bands like Rise Against, Anti-Flag not considered punk by loads of people on this forum? Just cuz they are not as trashy as the original punk bands and they made it to the mainstream? They are still as politically motivated as any punk band. Their music is as energetic as any punk band. They are only being herd by more people now by being in the mainstream, how does that strip them of the "punk" label??!

Is punk only bout creating fast, trashy music which only a small group of people listen to in the underground??

Edit: I guess Alkaline Trio shouldnt have been there.. I just couldnt think more more bands like rise against and anti-flag to put in there...
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hear this kinda thing with metal too, it's ridiculous, people need to grow up and stop caring about genre labels
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Punk is defined differently. Essentially, it's rebellious, against the establishment, hence when a band get's signed and make mass record's and get fame etc. they're called selling out as they go against the core punk rule.

Of course though, people can debate it.
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Yes. To be very specific. Punk has generally been an underground thing. Although it was really just a musical scene in the 70's. Nowadays punk rock is just seen as bands creating the same sort of sound as those bands. Modern punk is kinda hard to define though. Fast paced, political and "trashy" is probably the best way of determining a Punk band i guess.
Also... when have Alkaline Trio ever been punk? Rise against and Anti flag i still consider to be some form of punk but Alkaline Trio?
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Ain't Rise Against and Anti-Flag rebellious and against the establishment? They're only being herd more by getting signed. Whats wrong with that? They still make the same sorta music? Its just the underground punk bands get jealous of them cuz their music is not good enuf to get signed and they cant be herd by as many people as the mainstream punk bands do. So they call those bands as not punk!!
Politics has little to do with defining punk music.

In fact, in the beggining most punk was about Nihilism, which is pretty much a way of saying nothing really matters.

Punk rock is a stripped down form of Rock music prevalent in the 70's which favors three chord progression, and plays down the blues aspect generally associated with rock.

It was rooted in the American Garage rock of the 60's.
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Quote by Prince
punk rock is agressive rock n roll

rise against and anti-flag arnt aggressive

If you say Rise Against arn't aggressive, you haven't herd them well enuf! I think Rise Against is one of the most aggressive band out there. The only difference is they dont behave as bad asses. You dont hafta be a bad ass to be hardcore and aggressive! Something you kids should understand!!
Rise Against and Anti-Flag aren't punk because they don't even know who the Vampire Cats are.
Vampires Catz new album dropz Feb. 20!

I mean...
This is against FAQ
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