Hah! i like where all these metal bands get their names from... Dying Fetus!! Now thats a band name that rocks!!
Haven't listened to the whole album yet. The 2 songs I heard so far were awesome though. Solid DM.
Ride the dragon toward the crimson eye...

Vaginal Destruction

^ Do you like sludgey stoner/doom? Well then you should try Vaginal Destruction
Metal download blogs, of course.

I'll check it out.
According to BS statistics, 92% of teens have moved on to rap. If you're among the 8% who doesn't consider rap to be real music, donate your brains, as you clearly aren't using them.
Fetus is releasing a new album? why havent i heard of this? oh well, when does it come out?
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Didn't know they were making a new album. One of my favorite tech death bands.

Apparently it's called War of Attrition. (Wikipedia<3)
nice ill go check the new shtuff.
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Technical farts in odd time signatures?

WTF do you eat?

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Wow these answers scare me....I've swallowed some of that suff....I need a shower.