ik. done once before but i didnt get in on the action so im gunna do another one.
basicly post a slayer song off any album covered by you
i need 3 judges. only 10 other people (besides me) to enter by february 25 2007


1) only 2 song per entery (scores for each will be added together)

2) solos are NOT nessisary and points will not be taken off for not including a solo

3) score is counted by a 1/10

4) can recored multiple guitars


and lets try not to aim for raining blood. although if you want to go ahead

6) dont be assholes and make fun of people

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Sounds awesome. But i don't have any good recording equipment atm =/. But if i get some soon, i'll do "Dead skin mask" or "Ghosts of war" ^^
I'm in.

I will do "Hell Awaits" and "Read Between The Lies".
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