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Peavey 120W Tube w/ cheap cab
7 64%
Rocktron 2x12 Taboo Twin
2 18%
Neither (if so, suggest something)
2 18%
You're fine with what you have now.
0 0%
Voters: 11.
Alright, i need a new amp.

I've narrowed it down to either:
-120W all tube Peavey Head w/ some cheap 4x12 cabinet...probably behringer
probably about $200 for amp head, and $100 for cab

-Discontinued Rocktron Taboo Twin for $200 at Guitar Center
$200, but in excellent condition, and i know it works

If you suggest, my price range is at most $300. I know it's low.

So any advice would help...

Also, i'm in a band (metal, metalcore,screamo), so if the distortion fits it...awesome. but i'll probably use my RP80 anyway
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well, whatever you do, DON'T get the behringer cab. its atrocious. i'd say get the rocktron if volume isn't a concern. but if you are in a band or something, grab that peavey. you'll never find an all tube peavey for $200 again so grab it. then i'd recommend saving up for a descent cabinet. On eBay, there are tons of peavey 412ms cabinets that would go great with the peavey head. i got one for $200. here's one:


they have sheffield speakers and sound amazing for the price. definately save up another $100. thats the best advise i can give.
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how much wattage would a EVJ put into a 4x12 stack if it's a 5w tube head?

5 watts. It's a 5 watt tube head, there won't be any magical extra watts appearing if you put a bigger cab under it.
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