Hey guys,
Im a guitar noob. Cant really play that much but I craved for a guitar and now I have Ibanez 321MH (thats the best part) worst part is that I only have 10W Kustom amp, there might be nothing wrong with this but I dont really like the Distortion sound on it. So now im looking for a bigger better amp. Im not a guy to play it fully loud and to go gigging or what not so Im looking to go for a 30W one, dont wanna go from 10 to 15W coz it probly wont make much of a difference. Ive done a bit of research but a guy at a music store told me that hes got a Highes and Kettner 30DFX Edition blue which he thinks is perfect and he doesnt recommend me a small Marshall amps because according to him they Break.

So my question is whats your opinions on this? Should I try out the Hughes and Kettner? and can you please give me any amp brands that I should Check out coz i dont really no any thing about this and Sales people in the Music shops are probly saying things just to get them sold. Remmember Im looking for a 30W at about £150MAX.

(Ive kinda read the Forums FAQ and this is part of my research and im only asking for opinions, any in fact. So Admins please dont hate me )
valvetronix is really nice. you can figure out what you want and then when you are ready, actually buy it! modeling amps have awesome tone.

hughes and kettner is a german company and you can hook your amp into your phone line and they will patch into your amp and fix up it's programming/software problems if you are having them, it's really cool.
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neither is great. The Fender is bad though, unlike the Behringer which sounds so bad that it makes you want to stab out your own eardrums with a blunt pencil . hope that was helpful.

cool guys thankx!
I have no idea about VOX ones coz i havent heard about them lol

So what about the Marshall MG30DFX's?
keep the infoz comming people! thx