Ok just post some good hairstyles for guys please. I just want to find one please.
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Yes, that's why it has big fangs, for tickling you with.

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The banker has proposed an offer of FOUR BJ's...lucky911charms, Deal, or No deal?
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Mullet, if pronounced 'moolay' it sounds even better


all the girls will be after you if you have a mullet
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I think it's sick to force kids to take part in hate mongering and sick for spoonman to think its right for any adult to throw anything at a child.
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Afro. No, seriously. If you can pull it off it looks awesome and everyone wants to touch it.
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coupe Longueuil (worse than a mullet, trust me)
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Our band mascot is a Muffin.

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whats up with everyone being so worried about their hair? cough queers cough
Lunatics on pogo sticks
Another southern fried freak on a crucifix
Hicks don't mix with politics
People on the street just kickin' to the licks
4 on the sides, 8 top and back, messed up top and back. seems to be the popular british stlye right now, i bought into it and it seems to be working
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I think you're right.

He looks like a cross between john terry and black beauty
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