Started writing this the other day, came back to it and realised that

a), it doesn't look as good as it did when I wrote it and b), I don't know whether to continue writing it or where to go with it if I did

any ideas?


Verse 1

What’ll you do when we collide?
We’re on the path that’s starting to slide
You like to think that you call the shots
But I’ve seen through every one of your pathetic plots

Verse 2

Your eyes gleam when you look at me
You want me down on my knees
You think I’ll shake when you start to roar
I’ve got more resolve than you give me credit for


The tantalizing question is where do we go from here
You’ve got another thing coming if you think I’m gonna run my dear
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Marshall MG50DFX

Aerosmith @ Hyde Park Calling 24/06/07
The Who @ Wembley Arena 26/06/07