a friend of mine wrote this poem, i thought that it could be turned into a good son, but im having trouble doing it. any suggestions would be welcomed

for every one there are two extremes. severe or overindulgent. excessive or abstentainous. we cant ever live in moderation we're animals for too much or nothing at all. jumping on the opportunies or letting them pass us by. all depends on the psycological midframe of the brain. average is a place that people define. no ones ever average. its just a common ground to compare the two extremes. a middle ground. no one ever wants to live on the 10th floor of a 20 story building;

its either the penthouse or the lobby. vacant in the occupants. its a passing ground of the extremes; a battle line drawn for the purpose of territory for holding ammunition.
divisi ; crescendo
where you fall is all your own. its customed tailored to your bones. doorframes and locks cant keep you from where your supposed to go. and they creek with that beat and rhythm you know. your home in your polar world. opposite from those in the lobby and those in the close vicinity to the suns glow.

your own drummer. your own beatmaker.
die in vein or die in peace. dive or dip into your own grave. gradual or with a splash? loud or softly? they die surrounded by the lights of hollywood ; newspaper splashed with their name. or quietly in the small town in which they came; in their own bed lying in their own distain.
I got bats in belfry
I'm in the kitchen boiling society
I'm in the open catching all the leaves
We all sing what we want

please crit
eyes on the wall
thats sick, you could def, turn it into a song, just chop it up and break it down into pieces. Also, pick phrases out of it that you like especially, and work around them for choruses and verses.
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Those are sweet lyrics, but the lack of a steady rhythm or poetic flow would make this pretty hard to turn into a song. It's a bit too prose-ish...
Filter out the best lines, take a highlighter and higlight those important enough to put into a song, once you've done that, reorganise them so you have rhythm, you may need to make diction and syntax adjustments but it'll be worth it. These are nice words.
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