I don't if it's only me having this problem but, whenever I bend a string, my fingernails get go under the string, and I'm pretty sure that's not supposed to happen when bending. When I cut my nails I can SOMETIMES bend without my nails going under the string. But as soon as they grow, they keep going under. Is my only solution to cut my nails before they grow? Or is my technique wrong (although I don't see how)? Any other suggestions?
Hmm... i've never had any problems like that Oo. I'd say it's your technique that needs a polish.
i had this problem, could be that the frets on your guitar are very small (making it harder to bend), also try bending with 2 or 3 fingers until you get better ( lets say you do something on fret 5 with your ring finger, then back it up with your middle finger on fret 4)
make sure for extreme bends your thumb comes up over the neck, then sqeeze, using the same muscles that it takes to turn a knob
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Shit, I think I worded my problem wrong. When I bend, my fingers go under the string above the string I'm bending.
So is it, like, slipping off the bend? I don't know if I fully understand.
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