Anyone else seen this amazing movie......the tremor Bros were my favorite, they kicked ass and were hillarious
no....i think i saw the trailer for it at the movies though

with like guns and cars and shit blowing up
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Looks sweet. You will get flamed.
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i really wanna see it...
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you can watch it free at movinflicks.com. i haven't seen it yet, but i plan to soon.
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dude calebrocker, that first song on your list almost made me cry
you win my good sir

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you can watch it free at movinflicks.com. i haven't seen it yet, but i plan to soon.

Tut tut, free movies? How disgusting.....

...I watched the remake of The Hills Have Eyes on Youtube once...It was great..
I saw it a few weeks ago. I went with a group of friends and there was mixed feelings about it. I personaly loved it and plan on buying it when it comes to DVD. I thought it was a little confusing too, lots of plot twists. I had fun trying to tell the plot to some of my other friends who haddnt seen it.
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I felt at times the plot was hard to follow. But the Shoot em up aspect of it... well its INSANE ill just leave it at that
My friend said it was awesome. He said it was sort of like Boondock Saints.

I was gonna go watch it but I didnt realize it was rated R. So we ended up doing something else that day.

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