I've recently purchased a new computer and upgraded from Cold edit 2.0 to Adobe Audition. I am running a ghetto rigged recording set-up with a cheap $20 mic plugged directly into the mic jack. Despite the set-up, it was decent quality for the cost.

Now that I have bought a new computer I have hooked the same mic up and the quality is really bad. I can barely hear any audio and recording is only in the left stereo. I have looked at all the volume properties of the soundcard and everything is turned all the way up. Has anyone else experienced this or know how to fix it?

Also, Ive been eyeing the $59 MXL condenser on musicians friend, what other equiptment would I need in conjuction with this mic to get a decent but fairly cheap set up going on for vocal and acoustic recording?

Thank in advance. Sorry for all the newb question.
The sound card is probably just not as good as the last one you had. If the mic is dynamic, rather than an electret computer type mic, it makes sense that you're not getting much sound without a preamp for the mic.

Also, for recording with a condenser mic, you can really use any small A/D converter (i.e. fast track pro, mobilepre, lots of others). Just make sure that it has phantom power. They are about $150 to $200. I'm not sure if that's in your budget or not, but it's well worth it.
ok thanks...can you make any sense of why now its only recording in the left stereo?
the mic is only putting out a mono signal and you are using a stereo adapter.
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so why would the sound record in mono now if it is the same mic that recorded in stereo before..do i just need to buy an adapter?