Hey. My band just broke up. The other 2 guys said they wanted to change strictly to death metal.

I have been in 5 bands since last year (with completely different people) and I can't stay in any longer that Britney Spears can keep herself from getting pregnant . What should I do?
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stop getting into bands with people you probably dont know well (im just assuming, dont be mad if im wrong) or stop joining any band you can, again just correct me if im wrong

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I can't stay in any longer that Britney Spears can keep herself from getting pregnant . What should I do?

nice burn on Britney. I'd keep looking for people who share musical tastes with you and you can get along with fairly well. Also, make sure they can play their instruments (obviously) and try to form a new band.
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You are getting in bands with the wrong characters. I've used this example before on the boards several times, but it's going to make a good point:

Two summers ago I was involved with a band in which the drummer was exceptionally younger than the rest of the band. His dad was trying to "manage" the band even though he needed to get his shit together and couldn't take negative comments about his son. That band lasted about 2 months with him. This drummer since that year and now has been in several bands neither of them lasting a month. Since I was in a band with him.. I know the reason why that is the case.

The point is, I will never hire him again. I'm in a small music community but it's very important to know the history of your bandmates. I wouldn't tell people you've been in 5 "bands" in the last year unless some of the bands had some decent local or above success. I also don't like hiring guys who were in one band for too long and never played with anyone else. What I personally look for is people who have had a decent track record with several bands who had moderate success in the area. Think of the guys who are in "bands" and play a live show every 6 months. There is a reason for that.

You should start surrounding yourself with musicians and bands who are better than you. Talk to people and ask if anyone needs whatever instrument you are. Don't be afraid of asking bands who are full because they probably have a friend or know someone who is looking for you or trying to start a band.

Since you are college age, look around the campus. "Campus Bands" have ups and downs but when you are a campus band, you have a lot of resources. Since I'm in a small area and my university only has 6,000 students many campus bands go on to have a decent following. There is this one campus band presently in my town who is pretty terrible (The reason being some of them members haven't been playing their instrument for about a year) but they pack the places they play at because they bring so many people with them. I've seen these guys play college night at the bar and also at coffee shops. You also have university radio at your disposal.

Since we are around the same age, you should follow a current trend I am doing. One of my goals for this year is to go see EVERY local band in my area at least once and introduce myself. Even if the band is terrible they will remember my face. I try to have that rule so I am seeing a new live band every week and then revisiting some previous bands later on (This is very easy to do at monster local rock shows) That way you are very visible in your area. Don't forget to add everyone on myspace before hand and leave them a comment afterwards.

Good luck.
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