Alright well, a short while back, tabs were illegal and certain sites were shut down, like my favourite, www.bassmasta.net, so I had to switch to this one. Anyways, all of a sudden, that site is back up, so is tablature still illegal?

i dunno - if you copy peoples music it is copyright so yeah that is illegal....but tabs are from people listening to the song then writing down what they think it is...which isnt copyright i dont think ....so that aint illegal cos its your own interpretation of the song, not something uv copied off somebody else.....but if its re-opened id make the most of it now, whether it illegal or not u can still print the tabs at the minute
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Well I think most tab sites had a problem with people copying down tablature books, which may be illegal. I believe UG was never closed because it's not based in the US, or something like that.
Ok, Thanks.
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