Me and a friend tend to have a jam on a monday night, I play guitar he plays drums. We'll run through a couple of songs and go into some improv consecutively. Now strictly speaking we're meant to be practicing for a talent contest; we went to the auditions with a bassist and got in. However, this bassist has taken to never showing up, even though we've both reminded him several times. Now it's not the showing up that concerns me, my friend and I do just fine on our own, but it's the fact that the bassist, when I consult him, seems very reluctant to learn songs I suggest. For example, I once asked him if he had heard of Cream, he replied no (naturally I was shocked, given his skill on bass), so I suggested he had a go at learning Sunshine of Your Love, because that would make a nice song to jam to. Yet he doesn't seem interested in the music taste of me and my friend. Now i know that there aren't any other bassists at my school who are as good as him and who could keep up if I said something like "Ok, blues in D" or whatever. It just seems as though it's really hard to find a good committed bassist. Anyone else have these kind of problems?
me and my friend can't find any bassist's OR drummer's, so count yourself luck you got a drummer
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yea, drummers are hard to come by too, i'm a bassist though, move to ohio and i'll jam with you *knows music theory*
the number of musicians around simply depends on where you live. Theres plenty of musicians in Glasgow , but its a similar situation in our school. Plenty of bassists and drummers and singers (guitar im not so sure on!) but as far as tallent goes, there are practicaly no male singers of tallent (ok, there are about two or three known), guitarists are average and theres a couple of female drummers who are tallented and good. the rest are either beginners or not good enough. oddly, theres a lot of very tallented female singers. but thats common.

As for bassists, well, there is one or two tallented bassists (not me!) but the rest as above are either beginners (not me unfortunately) or mediocre (im included in this, but i dont practice enough thats why. i cant be bothered forming my own band, but i should).

Pretty much i can sum it up by saying that finding a tallented induvidual is hard no matter where you live. You could go for a beginner and teach him or a mediocre player and teach him or make do, or put a guitarist on bass if there arent any bassists.

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I'm kind of lucky and unlucky at the same time with finding bassists. The reason being is that there's TONS of bassists in my area (probably due to the fact that there's a music store that gives lessons that's right down the road from me), yet anyone that I see that plays bass is either in a band already, or has no interest in what my drummer and I play. We play a mix of metal (Godsmack, Disturbed, Korn, Stone Sour style), punk (Pennywise, NOFX style), alternative (Offspring style), and a bit of classic rock (Zepplin, Pink Floyd, Lynyrd Skynyrd style) thrown in, yet we make our songs more instrumental with relatively no vocals compared to most music, yet we still do have vocals.
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Dude, i've got similar problem. Even my bassist hardly listens to any music i tell him to. He has little interest in the sorta music i listen to. He refuses to learn any song to jam some covers. Now he is pretty musically talented, but he is not just interested in making the sorta music i want for the band... Good bassists are like extremely rare to find...
Bassist are hard to come by because they're somewhat under-appreciated.

I've conducted an informal survey of just about everyone I've jammed with in the last year, and this is what I've learned: Most people can name the lead singer, lead guitar player, and maybe the drummer in their favorite bands. The bassist? Somehow, his name is overlooked by most folks.

Since bassists are overlooked, the role of the bass in most modern music is also overlooked. It's felt, but not truly appreciated. Hence, when some kid is picking out his instrument for the first time, he (or she) will typically lean toward guitar or drums - very rarely bass. Even I ended up playing bass simply because there weren't any around. I was playing guitar, with another guitarist and a drummer - sometimes will a keyboard player, but he didn't fill in the bottom end very well.

The funny thing is, now that I play bass, I view music in a whole different light. I've still got my Schecter and Jackson guitars sitting near my computer (where I do most of my recording), but I keep the bass (5-string MusicMan) in my room, where I do most of my writing.

Just sayin'.

Most of the bassists in my area are guitarists who couldn't find a band. The bassist in my current band is the only one who I have never seen pick up a guitar... and he's pretty serious about playing the bass & dealing with his equipment.

As some guys mentioned before, the bass is VERY important. If it drops out, I can tell in a heartbeat. I knew a couple of guys a few years ago who had a drummer, lead gt, rhythm gt/vox but no bassist and it sounded really bad even though they were "okay" musicians.

Also you have to remember when people are at a club, they want to hear bass and drums. If yo's beatz is rite, you can get them dancing!

Drummers are hard to find too, but it's more about finding a drummer who is dedicated and can play in time. Your drummer can be mediocre, but if his timing is good.. he can carry the night.

The most difficult guy I can think of is the lead singer. If you lead singer is terrible, you have a terrible band.. there's no way around it. He also has to be able to entertain the crowd. I hate seeing bands where I hear "Thank You" and "this is called..." all night and that's all.
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Agreed but i think a vocalist with mediocre vocal ability makes some things up with really good stage presnce and a really good band behind him. But a good singer is very necessary but it also depends on the music yo play. If your playing heavy metal an amazing vocalist isnt super important
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Wow! Some really interesting posts here. I started lurking in the Music sub-forums because I'm getting concerned about what's going on with my bands' "situations."

Our former bassist used to be the best musically and he is/was the general who kept everyone's timing. Like me, he's self-taught, practiced at least 3-4 hours each day, and is totally dedicated to his craft. He's a senior, drives, and takes AP and hooked up with another band, mostly his age. My buddy and I are freshmen and the others are juniors.

I've auditioned with our bassist's new band and they were cool enough to want to play more with me. I play lead/rhythm guitar and some bass. The problems are: I could only practice with them on weekends and the 2 bands I'm in can only practice on weekends. I have to kinda teach one bassist how to play bass and the other is really a guitarist who has to play bass and will jump to another band if he could dump the bass and play guitar.

So I kinda agree, decent bassists and drummers who prefer my type of music are hard to find. The best vocalists are doing rap and so are some of the best bassists. I've jammed with some of them and things are cool except I prefer to focus on classic rock/Blues and the occasional Metal.

Quote by Freunleven

Since bassists are overlooked, the role of the bass in most modern music is also overlooked. It's felt, but not truly appreciated. Hence, when some kid is picking out his instrument for the first time, he (or she) will typically lean toward guitar or drums - very rarely bass. Even I ended up playing bass simply because there weren't any around. I was playing guitar, with another guitarist and a drummer - sometimes will a keyboard player, but he didn't fill in the bottom end very well.

Its very true. I took up bass because there was no other bassists, apart from say a few 40 yr olds, in the village where I live. And i ended up enjoying bass more than guitar so I guess now its more my instrument. And your right about bassists being overlooked, cos I feel that bass holds together the whole band yet it still p***es me off when ppl forget about you when reading the names out for say talent shows etc. etc.
there's no good bassists around in Calgary it seems. There's a few sweet ones that already have bands or other gigs...

but every time we manage to get a hold of someone who plays bass, he douches out before we even meet him. We end up calling someone, saying "hi, i saw your ad on musolist, we like all the same music, let's jam." they would say "yeah, for sure" and then just not call back, not show up, etc... very strange.

I can't get drummers to STOP calling me, and singers are easy enough to find, and generally the last ingredient to a band. There's more people playing guitar in Calgary than there oughta be, too... it's hard to find anyone who doesn't want to play lead axe. I have a feeling the bassist market in town is just so hot that these guys are getting hired to better-paying projects the same week that we call them to jam.
Bassists are hard to find, but the general rule of the thumb is that once you find one 9 times out of 10 their good. Guitarists are a dime a dozen, because almost everyone you know has owned a guitar.

People who pick up bass general get hooked for it's simplicity, yet the different styles of playing you can pull off with it. Personally in my music career I've gotten 2 of my friends to play bass and yes they are hooked on it. (One from my old band, one from my new one.)
I'm a bassist.
I used to play guitar, then I played drums, now I play bass.

I love it.

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i'm a bassist but i can't find a ****ing guitarist!! they're the elusive ones in my state, course there's some, but their all like " SLAYER!!!" and i'm all like "no way man, Television" but if ya'll know anyone in the CT area that like television and can play guitar, pm me haha

Bass players around here aren't that hard to find, drummers are. But from what i've seen of bassist they all seem to be quite people that dont talk much. They are the people who stand off to the side line and just watch what happens in the band, I also find that they are the one's who normally fix the band.

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It's a sad but true fact, there aren't enough bass players, let alone good ones.

My bass player would be amazing if he was a bit more dedicated and could remember the changes better. that said, he's a great guy with plenty of talent, so i guess it more than balances out. Everyone has their individual strengths and weaknesses.
Good bass players are almost impossible to find. You could try getting someone that plays normal guitar to play bass.