Well, as the topic says, I need to reposition the pickups on a Les Paul Copy. I need to lower them, as when I play some frets around the 15 mark, the string touches the pickup and causes the amp to buzz.

I did not know what screw to turn as I have never done this before, so I took a picture to make sure.

Both pickups.

Closer look of the neck pickup.

Strings above the pickup WITHOUT playing a note

Strings above the pickup WHILE playing a note around the 8th fret

As you can see, the strings touch the screws on the pickup, causing the strings to stop vibrating and the amp buzzes.

Before I got the screwdriver and tried to turn one of the screws to see if it was right, but for some reason the screwdriver was magnetic, so I didn't wanna damage anything so I decided to come here.

Any help is greatly appreciated, I know I might be pushing it here as its not hard, but I don't want to break anything! This is a 'Satellite' Les Paul copy btw.
Just the two screws beside the pickup just twist them a bit..
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Oh crap. I repositioned the Neck Pickup fine, and realised the Bridge one wasn't working (I hadn't even touched it, it hasn't worked for years). I then touched the screw with the screwdriver and the pickup fell through.

Anyone know how to fix this please??
The screw just comes right out on the broken side, it isn't attached to anything like the others.