hmm my other threads from a few days ago havent got much intrest and i'm still a bit stuck.

I'm after a fender, and i want that 'fender sound' which i'll use for alot of styles but not metal or shred... my jackson does that.

I'm looking at the MIM's as they are in my price range, unless i come across a second hand USA...

Ok can someone tell me about the deluxe players or the highway 1? and what the good things are about them? how they mite play? the pros/cons...?

also would it be better to take a 2nd hand USA over them for about the same price even if it was a bit dinged?
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I played multiple highway one strats and they all kicked ass. The new pickups are pretty hot.
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I don't like the highway 1's, they sound and play alot like the mim's but cost more. I would suggest a mij strat, they are awesome value for money...
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so go for the deluxe players or what?

I've got this iffy feeling about poplar wood, so thats why i'm trying to get something a bit 'above' it....

the thing with the highway ones is the pickups dont really seem to relec the fender sound? or am i wrong? hmmm i'm lost...

the deluxe players would be the shit for me in honey blonde with a maple fingerboard... i want a maple finger board if that helps.
Peavey 5150ii w/ Marshall 1960DM cab
I think the Deluxe Player Strats look nasty. It's a shame as they play pretty well (well, the one I played was nice). I prefer the Highway 1 out of those. The Nitro paint is a big draw for me as the guitar will look awesome as you play it more.

But yeah, I back the guy who said you should look at some Made in Japan Strats. They're great value.
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I personally love highway ones (but only the old ones). The new ones have pickups that are too hot, not strat like enough for my tastes. The old ones however are great!

The most important thing highway ones have over deluxe players is the neck, it feels so much nicer to me!

I would try to get an old highway 2nd hand (or new if a shop has one in stock).
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hmm so in other words try out a second hand american?

yeah i would go for the highway one... but the pickups dont sound oldschool enough for me... well the vintage noiseless ones dont sound vintage either from what i have gathered...

there is the classics as well... yeah i'm after something that could play a low gain type of dirty distortion for oldschool stuff... not anything highgain and that fender sound should contribrute to what i'm after.

yeah i to thought the nitro paint would be cool and wear away over time and look cool...

The stores i buy all my gear from dont have as bigger range in stock, but they are a fender dealer and usually have atleast 6 fenders.... i dunno probably more...

some shops in the city have like 30... but the stores are ran by arseholes and the customer to salesperson relationship lacks and they rip you off and tell you shit...

Yeah i'd wanting to be using settings with the gain on about 3 (i've got a randall solid state with two types of gain... i'm using the oldschool gain over the modern gain on it... just needs the level up alot to componsate for the loss of volume compared to the modern.

I feel my amp is one of the best solid state amps there is... its pretty nice. I will in time get me a all tube amp of some sort.

argh i'm stuck what do i do?
Peavey 5150ii w/ Marshall 1960DM cab
Peavey 5150ii w/ Marshall 1960DM cab
IMO the highway ones are a lot nicer.

but japanese fenders would be worth a look too. and tokai.
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hey thanks for the feedback.

i'm decided to go with the powerhouse strat, due to the "modded circuits and pickups" being more in my range.. than say the modernness of the h1.

i've decided against the deluxe due to ash, because i want alder.

So the powerhouse is alder, (or so it says on fender, and i've been backed up by so UGers as some other sites said it was poplar...) and have an active boost thing which i guess shouldnt do to much damage and some noiseless pups of some sort.

Caramel metallic with a pearloid guard.... yum

now just got to get the store to order 2 of these in so i can compare them to the other fenders there and against themselves...

any one disagree with my choice? I guess if it plays realy nice i can upgrade the pickups and circuity in a few years. giving that it should be alder...
Peavey 5150ii w/ Marshall 1960DM cab