I recently changed my 6th string and now when I play it I can hear it vibrate a little, ruining the tone\note, basically after playing the string after a second it vibrates against the fretboard causing noise... what did I do wrong and how can I fix it?
is this on acoustic or electric? and you could always try adjusting the action.
I assume it's on an electric guitar since it's in the Electric Guitar forum. Raising the action is probably the easiest way to fix it.
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or just play it out, sometimes my new stings ring and seeem over twangy when i put in new ones, 3-4 days of playing breaks them in i guess because thats when it goes away for me
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Did you change the string guage? For example did you go from 10's to 9's? Sometimes if your guitar is set up for 10's and you go to 9s, there's less force on the neck and a little bow in the neck might result, causing buzzing.
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