ok so ive been playn for 1 and a half years im 12 and i think i might learn hangar 18 i can play the verse and the intro and learned it in like 15 minutes and i can play it up to speed perfect and i probly am going to learn the solo's is it to out of my league? if i practice it 1 hour a day how long would it take me to learn the whole thing any tips?
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i wouldnt
some of them are a million times harder than they sound
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I've been playing about the same amount of time as you, and Hangar 18 is great for practice. I can get maybe 3 of the solos up to speed, but that's about as far as I've gotten - I stopped trying to learn it a bit before I took a small break from playing.
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Don't bother, it's tough as nails. wait a year or so. work on alternate picking and sweep picking alot.
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